India Procurement case studies


Dated : 01 Jun 2011

This case study has been prepared with the intent to provide a rich and holistic view on the development of e-GP in India. An attempt has been made to consolidate various details about implementation of e-GP in India. All factual data presented in this document is backed up by publicly available information from reliable information...

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Dated : 31 Jul 2017

The present study assesses the public procurement system and recent reform initiatives in India and outlines the need for changes in the institutional frameworks. There are several issues in the public procurement activities in India, which stem from fragmented procedures and rules, lack of transparency, widespread irregularities, and unavailability of sufficient procurement...

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Dated : 01 Oct 2014

This paper has adopted the exploratory case study method of analyzing a few recent cases of public procurement irregularities on Indian Railways documented by the vigilance departments and the CAG available in public domain to inquire into the following issues: (a) how do irregularities and instances of corruption persist in spite of...

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Dated : 04 May 2012

Indian Railways is one of the world’s largest public sector organizations. Its network, traffic, organization and extent of vertical integration are gigantic. This paper undertakes a critical examination of its procurement process to understand the procedures and institutional mechanisms which have evolved over time for safeguarding institutional...

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